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South East Camp 2016: Victorious

We had an awesome week in Blowing Rock, NC this year! Our camp theme this year was Victorious, and throughout the week we learned about how we can keep the faith, run the race, and finish the course. The first night we had our Olympic opening ceremony, as we were split into 6 countries' Olympic teams. As the week went on, we learned more about the central truths to our faith and how we need to stand firm in order to finish the race strong. We also learned a lot about Paul and his struggles as he completed his missionary journeys. The senior campers had a struggle of their own as they went spelunking, or Cave Diving, on Wednesday afternoon. The junior campers had a blast throughout the week, as well! We ended the week with a BBQ banquet celebration. In order to feel more like we were in Paul's day, we all wore togas to the feast.

We had a great week and learned many lessons that we will take with us down the mountain. If you'd like a more in depth look at what we did this week, contact us for a SE Camp DVD which has footage of classes and activities from the week.

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