Christian Education Resources

We are working hard to provide the best resources for our students and volunteers. Feel free to browse through the materials below to find what you need for your ministry. If you have any questions, email us.

Christian Education Planning Guide

Objectives for each class are presented to help teachers incorporate appropriate information into lessons for each age group. This Planning Guide suggests basic Biblical information that teachers may wish to share with their students.  It also gives the teacher an overview of the Biblical information that has been covered in previous levels and what will be covered in future levels, making it a helpful tool for team teachers or substitute teachers.

Reaching Out for Jesus Lesson

Explore this in-depth look at reaching for Jesus in the middle of isolation or chaos. Move from feelings of sympathy to empathy for a woman who puts all her faith and focus into Jesus. Discover that we will receive all that we need to face any situation when we completely focus on connecting to the Lord.  A Lesson from Donna Smith