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Let's Grow This Summer!

We want to keep growing in our faith even though our year looks a little different. To help you take some time to create and continue habits that help you to thrive in your faith, we've created a journal focused on your GROWth! Complete the weekly challenges in your journal. If you have any questions, contact Rebecca Dauksas or Cayce Fletcher.  Let's GROW together!

Weekly Devotions

Download the Grow Journal for weekly devotions and a place to record your weekly challenges. 

Weekly Challenges

  • Challenge 1 - Building our GROWth habits: Pick 1 area of your faith where you need to grow and do something each day to grow in your faith. 

  • Challenge 2 - Daily Bible Reading: Pick a passage from the Bible to read each day. 

  • Challenge 3 - Perseverance: Pick an area of your life you need to have perseverance in and do something each day to show perseverance in that area. 

  • Challenge 4 - Prayer: Choose something to pray for each day. 

  • Challenge 5 - Fellowship: Choose some way to serve others each day. 

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