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How are you dedicating your days to God?

We had a wonderful campfire service this past Wednesday evening. Even in the heat of a South Carolina Summer, a campfire can provide a time to participate in intimate worship and learning out in the open. Our modern age loves to close ourselves up inside so we can be sheltered from the elements and "get stuff done." Being outside can act as a reminder for who large and awesome our creator really is. So, even though some of us had to stand several of feet back from the campfire just to keep from sweating, we all enjoyed coming out for the campfire. The weather had cooled off a bit from the humid heat of summer, which was nice. In addition to the mild weather, we had a great worship time, lead by Evan Grant and John Winner.

After the worship time, Rebecca and Joseph talked to us about the Kingdom and how exciting it is that we will one day be a part of that together. Joseph focused on the story of Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar, a Babylonian king. Even though Daniel was able to interpret Nebuchadnezzar's dream and told him that God would make him a powerful King, Nebuchadnezzar didn't listen to God and instead created a statue of himself for everyone to worship. You might remember this statue as the Chocolate bunny from Veggie Tales.

It's hard for us to comprehend how someone, if God just told them that would be one of the greatest kings ever, would turn around and dishonor God like that by making people bow down and worship a statue of themself! And, because of that, God punished Nebuchadnezzar.

We know something even more exciting than what Nebuchadnezzar had dreamed! We know that we have the gift of eternal life if we follow God's ways! Joseph challenged us to not be like Nebuchadnezzar and forget what we just heard. Now that we know we have the promise of eternal life, we should be shouting what we know from the rooftops. Joseph left us with a challenge to begin this school year off right by getting in the word! It's so important to make that a priority in our life! So, I'll leave you with this question: Have you gotten in the word today?

After Joseph finished, our crazy youth group had smores and fellowship time!

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